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Tunas Bangsa Christian School

Education begins from the moment a baby is brought home from the hospital and it continues for the rest of its life. Many researchers found that it is important to expose a child to a positive early childhood education. Early childhood education is crucial in the child’s development, because the growth of mental and physical abilities takes their giant leaps in the age of 0 to 6, where the human brain increases to about 80 percent of its adult size. Not only that, early childhood education is proven to lay the foundation for later school success. With this in mind, Tunas Bangsa Christian School Kindergarten always takes early childhood education as one of our priority in education.

With understanding of the characteristics of children under 6 years old, Tunas Bangsa Christian School Kindergarten creates Fun Learning in every lesson learned. All of the activities are done through playing, because playing has an important role in children’s learning process. Research shows that play can improve children’s ability to plan, organize, get along with others and regulate emotions. In addition, play can also stimulate children’s language, math, social skill and even could help to release stress. Tunas Bangsa Christian School Kindergarten facilitates playing for children indoor and outdoor with various tools and apparatus which let the children get hands-on experiential learning. Our teachers take their part as facilitators and always present themselves in a very fun and interesting manner in front of the children.

We also realize that each child is unique in their special way. God has created them according to His blueprint; therefore, each child is born with their own unique potentials and different learning style. Children with visual spatial learning style will learn faster using pictures, images and spatial understanding. Children who prefer using sound and music are the ones with auditory learning style. Children who love to move their body, use hands and sense of touch are the ones with kinesthetic learning style. Our teachers are equipped to identify these different learning style in each child, so all the activities are planned to accommodate different types of learning style.

Another great concern of ours is the Character Building in the early years. We know that at this age, children are like sponges who will soak in everything from their surroundings. Understanding this, introducing God in this early age is a very effective way to plant the roots of the Word of God in our children’s lives. We believe that a godly character is the key for children’s success, and in this school, we desire for our children to grow to be more like Christ, day by day.

Our teachers in Tunas Bangsa Kindergarten are the ones who teach children heartedly. It is their deepest calling to teach every little human being entrusted to them. They take their jobs seriously, since they believe that teaching children is a privilege from God. Our teachers are there for the children to be their role-model, their best friend, to be their mentor to reach their future.

In everything, the focus of this school is to honor God and teach the children about His Word. Starting from Kindergarten, our children will have a daily devotional with their Homeroom Teachers. Here, they learn God’s word and character through stories, songs and games. Besides devotion, the students will also join chapel services with the other members of the kindergarten. Our children will learn to have interactions with friends, teachers and praise The Lord together. We hope that by doing all these things, our children will grow up with a love for God, and a heart that is willing to follow Him always.


Tunas Bangsa Christian School

Tunas Bangsa Christian School, we understand that the primary school years are crucial in the student’s spiritual, affective, and cognitive development. What they do, the values they learned, and the knowledge they acquired hold a significant importance in their growth as a person.

Tunas Bangsa Christian School believes that a student needs to have a strong foundation in their spiritual life. This spiritual growth is something we give a lot of attention to, with the teachers constantly planting the seed and observing the students’ growth, day by day. For the same reason, the school also put a lot of attention in the teacher’s spiritual lives. We try to find and develop teachers which are able to lead the students spiritually, because we know that the teachers will impart their love of God and the desire for spiritual growth into the lives of the students.

Our school consistently develop programs which focuses of the growth of 6 characters which we believe strongly to the identity of our students: Attentiveness, Obedience, Responsibility, Truthfulness, Self-control, and Friendliness. Over the years, we have heard countless testimonies from parents, caregivers, and people around our students who praised their character and have seen how God is manifested clearly through their lives.

We realize that the skills needed by our children in the future goes far outside of the confines of the traditional school curriculum, and we’re preparing our students for a workplace which will be vastly different with what we have in the present. That is why, we focus on teaching the students problem solving skills and soft skills which they would surely need in the future.

In the lesson, we believe that the students in the primary school years will need a lot of hands-on learning, and they would learn well in the classroom where they are engaged. We strive for happy learning experiences for the students, and they have consistently shown that they are able to achieve more things, surprising their parents, their teachers, and even themselves!

We hope that by growing spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, they will be a person who will bring impact to the world around them. From an early age, the school trains and encourages the student to be a blessing to the people around them. The students learn to be aware to the needs of the people around them, and to do whatever they can to help. They learn to be involved in the chores around the house, learn to pray for others, and to care about the people in need.

To achieve all of this, there must be a synergy between the school and the student’s homes. Our school has a motto, “To educate children together with parents.” We know that the parents are the most important figures that the children will see during their formative years, and we have seen that the children will benefit greatly when they see that the school and the parents are teaching them the same values. We hope that, together, we will help our children grow and develop to be the person who God meant them to be.

High school

Tunas Bangsa Christian School

Focusing Our Mindset on The Future workplace

Tunas Bangsa Christian School realizes that every person who are now studying at school will, in the future, be in the workplace. That is why we need to prepare them for it as early as possible to have a mindset that will help them to succeed in the workplace. It shouldn’t be something they learn later, but they should start now while they are in school. Why is it important? Isn’t school’s curriculum hard enough already? How could they do it while at the same time they need to learn all the lessons from school? These are the questions often asked by the parents, students, and even among teachers.

Why is it very important to prepare the students for the workplace? One of the most important reason is because we are living in the time of rapid change. In the same time, the number of people entering the workforce in our children’s generation is greater than ever before. Surely, we don’t want our children to not be able to compete with other people in the future. We hope that they could be a generation that are independent and able to withstand any situation and pressure in the future. That is why the school has a responsibility to prepare them to have the competence which are needed in their workplace.

Some of the basic competence which we strongly believe would beneficial in the workforce in the future are:

  1. Leadership

The spirit of leadership is something we want to instill in our students from an early age. The ability to manage and delegate responsibilities is truly an important asset to have. Even from an early age, the students are given different leadership responsibilities to build their leadership skill.

  1. Perseverance

Without perseverance, a person wouldn’t be able to withstand all the different pressures they would experience in the workplace. From a young age, the students are experiencing various level of pressure in their studies. Perseverance is a quality which is necessary for someone to succeed. Everything that the student experience is something that would build them into a generation which are tough and resilient.

  1. Independence

Students who can release themselves from their dependency to others have a strong capacity to grow and become someone who is dependable. We could train our child to be independent since an early age, gradually giving them autonomy from small tasks to the bigger ones

  1. Communication

This is a world where communication travels swiftly. The ability to communicate well with others, work together in achieving common goals, and the ability to build positive communication which encourages each other up is truly important. We want to model this good behavior to our students since their childhood.

  1. Creativity

‘Creativity’ is a word often used to describe children of this generation. The prevalence of media all around our children has stimulated their brains and their imagination in such a way that causes us to often times be amazed by what our children could create. This is something positive that we need to foster continuously, and I believe that our children will continue to surprise us by their creativity.

The things above are the things we desire our children to have in order to thrive in their future in the workplace. How will the school prepare them for this? How do we ‘sharpen’ our children in order for them to be excellent in whatever they do?

Tunas Bangsa Christian School tries to achieve this by doing what we call ‘intergrated learning.’ Every teacher and staff are oriented in such a way to incorporate these skills in their lesson. The variety of simulations that we had prepared has also been proven to build the skills above. One example of it the event we call ‘Entrepreneur Day’, where the students made products and try to market them. That way, they have some experience about how it feels to run a small business.

We hope that by giving our students these experiences, they will come out from school ready with the skills they need to succeed in their future. Let us sow the seeds from an early age, and we believe that in the future everyone will be able to see the quality that our children have.


Menjadi sebuah model lembaga pendidikan berkualitas, berpusatkan pada Kristus, dan memberi dampak bagi dunia pendidikan.

To be a model educational institution of quality, Christ centered and impacting the educational world.


Mendidik siswa secara utuh sehingga memiliki karakter Kristus, kompetensi, dan jiwa kepemimpinan, serta melengkapi sekolah lain dalam penerapan karakter.

educating students holistically to possess the character of Christ, competency and the soul of leadership. Equipping other schools in implementing character.

Our Values

Correct any violation of policies and standards.
Recognize other people’s needs and always be ready to help.
Forgive and forget other people’s mistakes.
Appreciate other people’s positive action.
Say thank you and be grateful when receiving help.

Develop authentic and useful ideas/works.
Create brand new approaches to achieve a need/goal.
Find practical methods to successfully manage available resources.

Help others to fulfill their self-potential.
Delegate tasks and responsibilities properly based on people’s competence and potential.
Trust people to do their best on tasks given based on their competence and potential.

Be honest and truthful in speech.
Admit mistakes.
Be reliable and skillful.
Be committed and ready to give all they can to accomplish their goals.


Mars Tunas Bangsa

Tunas Bangsa maju berkarya membangun generasi
yang takut akan Tuhan, hidup dalam kebenaran
Tunas Bangsa pasti hasilkan pemimpin berkarakter Kristus
Berhikmat, beri inspirasi, bertindak sesuai Firman Tuhan

Kami membangun dasar yang benar dengan tekad penuh kasih
Bergandeng tangan, satu tujuan, semua maju bersama

Percaya saatnya ‘kan tiba, kami menjadi pemimpin
Lakukan perkara yang besar s’bab Tuhan selalu sertai kami
Tunas Bangsa, Tunas Bangsa, Tunas Bangsa
menjadi generasi yang takut akan Tuhan

“ Bersama orang tua mendidik anak.”

Sekolah Kristen Tunas Bangsa