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Tunas Bangsa Christian School is founded under Yayasan Harapan Bangsa, a Christian foundation with a mission to build generations with Christ-like character. As of 2020, Tunas Bangsa Christian School has school campuses in Sunter, Gunung Sahari, Citra, Grand Cakung, Cikarang, Depok, Green Ville and Gading Serpong. Outside of the Greater Jakarta Area, there are also Tunas Bangsa schools which are run independently in Denpasar and Kupang. We are blessed by God to be trusted in building the lives of a large number of young people.

However, the journey to reach this position wasn’t easy. This school started very small, from a vision given by God to bring an impact to generations. By being faithful to the vision, we have seen the hands of God guiding us to where we are today. This is our story.

The birth of Tunas Bangsa Christian School

The conception of the school began with a vision which God has entrusted to Mr. Samiton Pangellah, which was one of the elders of the Abbalove Ministries Church. He has a strong desire to build a school which teaches young people about God and to have Christ-like character. Over time God allowed him to meet some other people with the same burden and ready to build upon the vision.


In July 1992, it resulted in the opening of the first ever Tunas Bangsa Christian School, in Jl. Gunung Sahari XI, Jakarta Pusat. At the time, the school was under the foundation “Yayasan Pelayanan Bersama Indonesia”. There were 36 students whom God trusted to us at the time.

From the beginning, the school has always focused on the application of character education, with a vision for the salvation of the children of this nation. The leaders learned from the Institute of Basic Life Principles about how to apply this in education to develop students with Christ-like character, and Tunas Bangsa Christian School became one of the pioneer of the curriculum development which integrated the Word of God inside of it.

Mr. Samiton

The first opening of Tunas Bangsa Christian School

Inauguration of the first Tunas Bangsa Christian School

Bill Godhart’s team
from Basic Life Principles

First generation students

Tunas Bangsa  Gunung Sahari, current building


In April 1994, the organizational foundation to lead the school was established, with the name “Yayasan Harapan Bangsa”.

In November 1994, Tunas Bangsa Christian school started a new school in Cikarang – Bekasi. The school didn’t have their own building but used a public facility space instead. We started by opening a Kindergarten and a Daycare.

Tunas Bangsa Lippo Cikarang 

Tunas Bangsa Lippo Cikarang school building – present day


A gentleman offered a joint venture in opening a school and daycare facilities in Citra Garden – West Jakarta. However, after the cooperation ended, we still continued on in building a school in the area. In 1997, we moved to Puri Gardena and built a Kindergarten and a Primary school for the next few years.

Tunas Bangsa school building in Puri Gardena


Ms Anny Pangellah were having a morning run around her neighbourhood in Sunter when she saw 3 school buildings which were abandoned. She prayed and asked God to be given the opportunity to use the building, then she negotiated with the local government. In 1997, our school received the permit to use the buildings for our school. Right now, we have built Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School in Sunter.

Kindergarten Tunas Bangsa Sunter

Primary School Tunas Bangsa Sunter

High School Tunas Bangsa Sunter

Also in 1997, the school leaders met with Tommy Wijaya and his wife. They expressed their desire to have Tunas Bangsa Christian School in the Taman Modern area. They even have rented a house for us which have been renovated to be classrooms.  We built a kindergarten and a primary school there

 Taman Modern School Building


The ministers John Fanggidae and his wife Melsyiana Pelokilla received an impartation of the vision in building a school in Nusa Tenggara Timur. In 1998, they opened Tunas Bangsa Christian School in Kupang, NTT. The school has grown and now has a a kindergarten to a senior high school in Kupang.

Tunas Bangsa Kupang School Building

Kindergarten Tunas Bangsa National Plus, Kupang

Tunas Bangsa Kupang School Court


As time progresses, with it came a higher demand from the society to prepare students ready for the globalized world. We try to answer the need by building our first “national plus” school, in Gading Serpong, Tangerang.

When we started our school, the area was in the beginning of its growth, and since then, we have seen more and more young families move to the area and entrusted their child in our school. The school uses international curriculum as its academic base, while still maintaining the main vision of building young people with Christ-like character.

Tunas Bangsa Gading Serpong school building


Also in 2001, along with the building of the Abbalove church in Denpasar and in Lombok, Tunas Bangsa Christian school was opened in both location (though the Tunas Bangsa school in Lombok was closed after 4 years)

The school in Bali started by opening the Playgroup and Kindergarten. God sent us 39 children to be taught and built according to the word of God. We sent one of the best teachers from Jakarta, Ms. Swasti Indrayani, to help the late Ms. Vindriane Julita Salukh in developing the school in Bali.

Right now, Tunas Bangsa Bali has built the school up to the Junior High School level.

Tunas Bangsa Bali school building

Tunas Bangsa Bali school students


In 2003, Tunas Bangsa Christian School was built in Green Ville – Jakarta Barat. Currently, we have 2 buildings in different areas in Green Ville, with the Nursery – Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior High School, and Senior High school levels ready to serve the people in the surrounding areas.

Tunas Bangsa Green Ville school building


In 2013, by the Grace of God, the Tunas Bangsa Christian School in Taman Modern was able to build a new building in the Grand Cakung Area in Jakarta Timur. The school since then have grown to build a junior and senior high school, in addition of the kindergarten and primary school.


First generation students, Taman Modern

Tunas Bangsa Grand Cakung new school building


In 2014, the school was given the permission by the local government to use a public facility building for our school in Citra Garden III, Jakarta Barat. After having a kindergarten and primary school, finally in 2018 the school has opened the Junior High school level in Citra III.

Tunas Bangsa School, Puri Gardena

Tunas Bangsa Citra III school building


Due to the increase in demand, Tunas Bangsa Green Ville moved its early childhood to a new building. Praise the Lord!

Kindergarten building in Green Ville


In 2017, God gave us the opportunity build our latest school thus far, Tunas Bangsa in Depok. At the moment, the school is still using the building of the Abbalove Ministries church. Tunas Bangsa in Depok has opened a kindergarten and a primary school.

We don’t know what the future will bring, but looking at how much God blessed us over the years, and entrusted more and more children into our care, we believe that the best is still yet to come!

Tunas Bangsa School in Depok

People who lead Yayasan Harapan Bangsa over the years:


In April 1994, the foundation to lead Tunas Bangsa Christian School was established, with the name “Yayasan Harapan Bangsa”.
This is the leadership team:

Leadership Board: Ms. Yustina Anny Pangellah and Ms. Irawati Prasetio
Head : Yustina Anny Pangellah
Secretary : Sarah Kartika Setiawan
Treasurer : Susianti Kusuma


Board : Sofjan Suteja
Overseer : Lukas Winarno
Head of foundation : Sarah Kartika Setiawan
Secretary : Lois Anastasia Gunawan
Treasurer : Slamet Hidayat


Board members : Lukas Winarno, Budi Jonathan
Overseer : Julistiaty
Head of foundation : Beta Sandhi Tenggara
Secretary : Sarah Kartika Setiawan
Treasurer : Darmadi Sutanto
Member : Handy Wijaya
Head of Operation : Slamet Hidayat 


Board members : Lukas Winarno, Seno Wijaya, Sumarno Kosasih
Overseer : Irhoan
Head of foundation : Beta Sandi Tenggara
Secretary : Darmadi Sutanto
Treasurer : Handy Wijaya
Head of Operation : Slamet Hidayat
Secretary of Operation : Sarah Kartika Setiawan
Treasurer of Operation : Lois Anastasia Gunawan